Emergency Contraception

If you have had unprotected sex, that is, sex without using contraception, or think your contraception might have failed, you can use emergency contraception.

There are different types of emergency contraception:

  • The emergency intrauterine device (IUD). 
  • An emergency contraceptive pill with the active ingredient ulipristal acetate (UPA).
  • An emergency contraceptive pill with the hormone levonorgestrel. There are different brands.

Emergency contraception can be highly effective, but it is not as effective as using other methods of contraception regularly. 

The emergency IUD is the most effective emergency contraception and needs to be fitted within 5 days of sex in order to work. An emergency contraceptive pill needs to be taken as soon as possible after sex to have the best chance of working.

In order to help you the relevant integriti GP will need to speak to you as soon as possible (as explained in the time constraints above). Please contact the relevant GP and their clinic as soon as you can.

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<b>Emergency Contraception</b>