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Dr Emma Rees is aclinical lecturer, and published author who has worked in medicine in both the UK and Australia. With over 20 years of experience and extra qualifications in women’s health, occupational health, medical teaching and a background in clinical research, Emma is a truly knowledgeable clinician. 

Dr Emma also holds a Fellowship of the RACGP and membership of MRCGP UK. She was a GP Partner running several practices in Wales, UK before relocating to Australia to further her medical career and have an adventure, alongside her husband and children. 

Dr Emma is the current Medical Director of Port Macquarie, Medical & Dental Centre. She sits on the clinical council of Healius, currently is an associate conjoint lecturer for the University of New South Wales and a member of a national women's health coalition called SPHERE amongst other clinical leadership roles. 

In her spare time, Dr Emma enjoys getting fit through ballet and walking. She’s also an avid reader, explorer and cook.

Dr Emma will facilitate a video consultation with you if you cannot attend her clinic in person. Please check out the Fees and Bookings link below for more details or book now.
Emma has founded Integriti in order to provide patients with a real accessible choice when it comes to finding focused, qualified, experienced and knowledgeable Women's Health GP's. 

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Services Include - 

Contraception - 
IUD/IUS Coil Insertion and removal (Copper / Mirena / Kyleena).
Contraceptive Implants (Implanon). 
Contraceptive Pill – Combined (COC) and Progestogen Only Pill (POP). 
Contraceptive Injection (Depo Injection). 
Contraceptive Vaginal Ring.
Emergency Contraception.
Menopause Management
Healthy Ageing, Checks and Screening
Cervical smear test. (new PAP smear).
Breast examination.
Bone health.
Health checks by age.
Integriti Lifestyle Clinic
Fertility planning and Pregnancy
Preconception checks.
Antenatal checks.
Pregnancy counselling.
Postnatal checks.
Sex and Sexual Health
STI screenings and Sexual health advice.
Libido issues.
Pain during sex.
Intimate Issues and Specific Conditions
Cystitis in women.
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).
Vulva & vaginal irritation.
Unplanned Pregnancy
Period Issues
Periods – Guidance.
Irregular Periods.
Heavy periods (Menorrhagia).
Period Pain (Dysmenorrhoea).

If the condition is not listed please reach out to discuss.