.....the Integriti brand for as long as they maintain subscription. We advertise services on our website which operates a book now facility utilising both a location and skill search. When a practitioner signs up to Integriti, we upload their bio and skill set, they continue to use their own fee structure and patients using the website can book with them through online booking platforms.

(We will direct patients to the Integriti GP's preferred platform such as Hotdocs or HealthEngine).

The website also has a repository of patient resources including downloadable PDF leaflets that deliver succinct patient-focused information in an easy to interpret format while our range of online preference support tools can assist patients in understanding what options might be best suited to their needs.

Once a patient has enough information to make their decision, they are encouraged to book an appointment with an Integriti GP. The location and skill search will identify appropriate GP's and refer the patient to the clinician’s details to understand fee structure and services available which we can host on the site.

Integriti does not govern fees or services for individual doctors.

This is provided for an annual, upfront fee and no ongoing monthly costs.

We have a clear relationship agreement in place with all our GP's to ensure we are open about what we do as a network. As a clinician led business we understand the importance of this positive, professional relationship with our network doctors.

What We Provide For Our Integriti GP's


  • Integriti website network listing and links directing patients to your preferred consult booking method.
  • Access to monthly virtual MDT.
  • Peer networking and research opportunities.
  • Advertising on the Integriti website and in social media.
  • Quarterly newsletter.

As an allied health practice manager you will benefit from:

  • Increased advertising of your clinic
  • No change to your existing business relationship with your practitioners

Integriti Allied Health Professionals are required to be registered and compliant with the codes of practice of their professional bodies in order to work with the Integriti GP network.