Women’s Health including –

  • Cervical smear test. (new PAP smear).
  • Breast Examination.
  • Menopause.
  • Sexual health advice for the over 55’s and beyond.
  • Intimate Issues.
  • Prolapse.
  • Incontinence.
  • Heavy periods (Menorrhagia).
  • Period Pain  (Dysmenorrhoea).
  • Cystitis in Women.
  • Fertility planning and early Pregnancy.

Contraception including –

  • Coils (Copper (IUD) / Intrauterine Systems (IUS) – Insertion and Removal
  • Contraceptive Implants & Changes
  • Contraceptive Pill
  • Depo injection
  • STD Screenings and confidential contact tracing service.

All new patients will require a long consultation. This facilitates arrival at shared decisions for bespoke treatment pathways.

Patients will be provided with tailored information and if needed consent documentation during this consultation. If appropriate this will be followed by a second long consultation to conduct any agreed procedures such as implants, injections or removals. Smear tests and follow ups will normally be via a standard consultation and thread checks will be bulk billed.

Further Services Available, Please contact us to discuss.

Integriti Clinic fees (September 2019)

Consult Type / Procedure (code)Total Fee Payable ($)Medicare Rebate ($)Integriti Gap Payment ($)
Standard Consultation 5-20 minutes (23)80.0038.2041.80
Long Consultation
20-40 minutes (36)
IUD Thread checkBulk billed N/AN/A 
Pregnancy Test
Smear Test80.0038.2041.80

Fees are payable at the time of consultation (Medicare rebates apply for Medicare card holders). Bulk billing available for children under 16.